“Divergent beliefs merge at Islamic convention” “Divergent beliefs merge at Islamic convention”

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Children in Need

Children in Need

In a world full of upheaval, children are the most vulnerable community members—vulnerable to hunger, to illness, to deprivation and to exploitation. The number of people living with hunger worldwide hit 1 billion in 2009, and nearly half of that figure represent children. Children are disproportionately affected by many illnesses, and in some countries, as many as one in four die before their fifth birthday. And for many children living in communities suffering deprivation, school is often a luxury—a situation that perpetuates the cycle of poverty.


Ramadan is a month of reflection, prayer and fasting for Muslims. During the month, observers gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the suffering of impoverished and hungry people around the world. Ramadan also serves to remind Muslims of the importance of charity, and their obligation to be charitable during the month and all throughout the year.