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At least half of those affected by the crisis in Syria are children–more than 50% of Syrian children no longer attend school. For many of them, this war, which began five years ago on March 15, 2011, has been all they’ve ever known: Their towns have been decimated; their education has come to a screeching halt; hospitals have been overflowing with people but remain undersupplied; food and clean water are scarce. Syrians, living inside Syria or as refugees in neighboring countries, are in desperate need. (Read more on the plight facing Syrian children in “Childhood Interrupted: Lost Years for Children in the Syrian Refugee Crisis.”)

And they are starving: Ongoing conflict has stripped Syria of its resources, creating a hunger crisis of unprecedented proportions. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been forced to rummage for food—and for those who can find any, can’t afford to buy it because prices have skyrocketed.

According to UNHCR and OCHA, there are more than 4.8 million registered Syrian refugees, and 13.5+ million people inside of Syria in need of humanitarian aid.The United Nations has declared the Syrian conflict “the worst of the 21st century.”

We must continue to pay attention to the plight of our Syrian brothers and sisters.

The content on this page serves to report on humanitarian efforts for those affected by this crisis, so while the title is “Syria,” the work spans across Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Information about efforts for Syrians and other refugees being helped across Europe is here.

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