Syria – Active Emergency Zone

Syria is in its fifth year of conflict. Since March 15, 2011, millions of Syrians have been living in daily turmoil: entire towns are decimated; violence abounds throughout neighborhoods; schools are closed; hospitals are overflowing with people but are undersupplied; food and clean water are scarce. Syrians, living inside Syria or as refugees in neighboring countries, are in desperate need. The United Nations has declared the Syrian conflict “the worst of the 21st century.”

Most recently, the world has been taken aback by the horrible scenes and stories of starvation. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians in besieged towns have been forced to rummage for grass, insects, even pets, for food. The UN gained access to some of these areas in January 2016. Islamic Relief offices around the world are doing everything possible to help those affected. We are working with local partners to try to get aid into besieged areas quickly. Watch the video for more, but please use discretion as some of the content is graphic.

According to UNHCR and OCHA, there are more than 4.3 million registered Syrian refugees, and 13.5+ million people inside of Syria in need of humanitarian aid. At least half of those affected by the crisis are children–more than 50% of Syrian children no longer attend school. We must continue to pay attention to the plight of our Syrian brothers and sisters.

The content on this page serves to report on humanitarian efforts for those affected by this crisis, so while the title is “Syria,” the work spans across Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Information about efforts for Syrians and other refugees being helped across Europe is here.





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