Kosovars are currently experiencing the worst of winter. Donors like you ensure that families in need are prepared to make it through the frigid temperatures. IRUSA uses donations to provide food, medical aid, water, blankets, mattresses, plastic sheeting, plastic mats, shoes, jackets, hats, sweatshirts, gloves, waterproof coats, socks, and more.

Sharing your warmth helps get them through the winter. Donate now.


Years of inter-ethnic violence have severely impeded the welfare of Kosovo’s people. Nearly 1 million people fled Kosovo when war broke out in 1996. When these refugees returned, they found their homes, schools, and livelihoods destroyed. Also, their communities were littered with dangerous landmines. In 2001, 57 percent of the workforce was unemployed.

Since then, significant progress has been made to repair the devastating damage caused by war. The unemployment rate has dropped, but about 1 in 3 people still can’t find a job. The people of Kosovo continue to suffer from severe lingering poverty.

Islamic Relief has played a major role in the postwar reconstruction and rehabilitation effort in Kosovo, and has been working in the area since 1999. The Islamic Relief Kosovo office later opened in the capital city of Pristina.

Please note: Donations made toward IRUSA’s Kosovo fund may be used to support important emergency or long-term work across the country, or for Kosovo refugees in other countries.



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