Kenya – Active Emergency Zone

Extended periods of drought have plagued Kenya for years. Climate strongly affects the country’s food supply and economy, which can fluctuate frequently depending on the rain and security situations in the region. Food security in Kenya has deteriorated in recent years, due to below-normal harvests that followed a combination of poor rains and flooding. An estimated 1.3 million people are acutely food insecure in Kenya—more than twice as many as were in need in 2016. Learn about IRUSA’s climate crisis aid work for Kenya and other countries throughout eastern Africa

Food insecurity is high levels of malnutrition. Kenyan children, mothers and elderly are particularly susceptible to hunger-related illnesses and death.

Islamic Relief has been working in Kenya since 1993, and the Islamic Relief Kenya office was registered more than a decade later. Kenya was one of several African countries supported by IR’s Africa Food Crisis campaign.



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