Iraq – Active Emergency Zone

Emergency in Iraq

Violence and fighting forced thousands of Iraqis to flee their homes. An emergency declared on Oct. 17, 2016, has turned into strife that has now lasted for months. Even Jummah prayers were cancelled and mosques closed at the beginning of the crisis. Local Islamic Relief teams moved quickly to help people in need, distributing food packages, hygiene items, and more to those who now have nothing. And now, during Ramadan, Islamic Relief is sending food packages to families who have so little, they can hardly break their fasts. For only $75 this Ramadan, you can provide not one, but TWO food packages to families in need.

A history of instability

Decades of political instability have affected Iraq’s economy, infrastructure, employment and social programs. Important strides have been made in improving socio-economic issues and reducing food insecurity in recent years.

The situation for many people deteriorated sharply in 2014. The United Nations reported more than 12,000 people killed and 23,000 injured that year—the highest number of casualties since the violence of 2006-2007. More than 2 million people are displaced from their homes, according to the United Nations, and more than 5 million were in need of humanitarian aid at the beginning of 2015.

Islamic Relief has been working in Iraq since 1997. In 2003, Islamic Relief Iraq opened in Baghdad.




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