PLEASE NOTE: Donations made toward IRUSA’s Indonesia Humanitarian Aid fund in excess of the support requirements for emergency appeals may be used to support other important emergency or long-term work across the country.

Indonesia Flood Emergency

Torrential rain have caused massive flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia and some of the surrounding towns. The most affected areas are the Greater Jakarta Province, West Java Province and Banten Province.

Over 60 people have been killed due to the floods and reports indicate that 15,000 people are currently displaced from their homes. In all, over 500,000 people are reported to be heavily affected by the flooding. They are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The rains have calmed for now, but are expected again in February 2020.

Islamic Relief teams are on the ground and have already sent 1,000 tarpaulins to be distributed to those in need. They need your support to send more aid to families.

Recovery after Tsunami and Earthquake

On Dec. 22, 2018, volcanic eruptions and related underwater landslides triggered a tsunami overnight on the Sunda Strait region, a popular tourist location. Over 250 people perished as a result. Thousands of others were injured, and many went missing. IRUSA donors are helping to orphan support a priority as the region recovers, as well as emergency aid and food assistance.

The tsunami came on the heels of a previous tsunami-earthquake duo that struck the island of Sulawesi about three months prior, killing over 2,000.

Indonesia’s population is vulnerable to natural disasters because the country lies on volcanic fault lines and is therefore susceptible to earthquakes and tsunamis as well as flooding and drought.

Islamic Relief’s Immediate Response

Islamic Relief worked to reach survivors who were in desperate need of emergency water, food, medical aid, blankets, shelter, cell phones, and more. Our staff and partners were on the ground providing vital humanitarian aid fueled by donations we received.

History of Service in Indonesia

Islamic Relief efforts in Indonesia began in 2000; the Jakarta office opened in 2003 to implement long-term relief and development. Islamic Relief affiliates continue to work on rehabilitation projects in response to natural disasters that have hit the area.



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