A wave of violence struck Gaza once again. Latest reports indicate at least 34 people have been killed and more than 100 injured. Numerous homes and some 15 schools have been damaged as a result of airstrikes.

Already over-stretched medical teams are working around-the-clock to deliver critical aid to those in need. But they need our support. IRUSA is working with partners already on the ground to increase access to medicines and medical supplies.

Stay tuned to our Palestine page for more details.

More than 25 Years of Emergency Aid

Humanitarian needs become immediate and severe when emergencies and disasters occur. For more than 25 years, Islamic Relief USA has provided rapid relief to survivors of emergencies across the world as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our partnerships with local staff in over three dozen countries maximize IRUSA’s ability to respond to urgent situations with speed and efficiency. We also maintain the highest standards of best practices and cultural sensitivity.

Islamic Relief USA’s emergency aid efforts often include distribution of food, water, and clothing. Construction of temporary shelters and providing vital medical care is also a priority.

In the United States, IRUSA’s Disaster Response Team is among first responders for emergencies. In certain cases, team members are also sent to provide relief internationally.

Active Emergency Zones


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