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Since its inception, one of Islamic Relief’s primary goals has been to provide rapid relief for disaster victims. Partnerships in some three dozen countries and local staff in affected areas maximize Islamic Relief’s ability to respond to urgent situations with speed and efficiency, as well as cultural sensitivity. Islamic Relief’s emergency aid efforts often include the distribution of food, water and clothing; the construction of temporary shelters; and the administration of vital medical care.

IRUSA’s Disaster Response team is among first responders for emergencies in the United States. In some cases, team members have also been sent to provide relief internationally. Learn more about DRT and how you can become a volunteer via irusa.org/drt.

Active Emergency Countries


An already dire humanitarian situation in Yemen continues to get progressively worse, with both man-made conflicts and natural issues causing conditions to deteriorate…
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Thousands have evacuated and hundreds of families require shelter as deadly wildfires spread across California. Send aid to our neighbors who need your support right now…
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Flooding in Myanmar is adding another layer of misery for families who already face unimaginable suffering due to armed conflict. Your donation counts for so much.
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A 4.6 magnitude earthquake has displaced thousands of families and destroyed thousands of homes. As fear of the aftershocks continues, your donation can have a big impact…
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India is currently experiencing its largest flood and landslide in more than a century. Please donate now. Monsoon rains in Kerala, a southwestern region of India, began torrentially in early May 2018 and became incessant in all areas of Kerala starting August 8th, 2018. The state of Kerala has witnessed more than 25 landslides in the last ten days alone.…
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Your donation supports families who are surviving in one of the most chaotic places in the world. Every day they are looking to you for compassion…
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Since March 15, 2011, millions of Syrians have been living in daily turmoil. IRUSA donors have been helping Syrians in need in the country and those living as refugees…
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