Emergency Response

Disasters—whether natural or man-made—strike with unyielding fervor, leveling everything in their paths and destroying life, property and livelihood. They affect countless people each year, striking when least expected and leaving when little is left. They wreak havoc that is especially devastating to the poor, who are often defenseless against their coming and may be pushed further into poverty.

Since its inception, one of Islamic Relief’s primary goals has been to provide rapid relief for disaster victims. Partnerships in some three dozen countries maximize Islamic Relief’s ability to respond to urgent situations with speed and efficiency, as well as cultural sensitivity. Islamic Relief’s emergency aid efforts often include the distribution of food, water and clothing; the construction of temporary shelters; and the administration of vital medical care.

Currently, IRUSA donors are providing aid for these active emergency zones: Central African Republic, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Palestine, Syria and Yemen, and for those affected by the Refugee Crisis in Europe.


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