Right now, in emergency zones like Syria and Yemen, the dedication of donors is providing urgent medical aid, food supplies, shelter and more to those in need. It’s only through your compassion and your continued support that our brothers and sisters throughout the region know that they are not alone.

A vision for a better world must include a better life for our sisters and brothers in need across the Middle East. Thank you for being there for them during their most difficult times, and for continuing to work with us to make this vision a reality.

Provide Nourishing Food For a Family

Provide Essential Medical Care

Help to Provide Urgently Needed Relief Now


IRUSA’s dedication to serving people in the Middle East remains a priority. Our women’s empowerment programs in places such as Palestine and Lebanon support women and girls push for a brighter future with vocational training training and business development. For hundreds of thousands of refugees who are working to rebuild their lives, IRUSA walks side-by-side with them in their journey by helping to ensure food and shelter is never a concern again.

Our medical aid projects provide access to physicians in hard-to-reach areas with mobile clinics that show the true value of preventative and emergency care. Your contributions are welcomed, appreciated and most of all deeply needed. Donate now.