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Nasim Y. Khan reports

Yasmin Jamil of the Voice of America Urdu Service hosted a one hour radio program specifically on Islamic Relief on Friday, August 10, 2012. She invited Islamic Relief, USA’s Vice President, Anwar Khan and the Country Director of Islamic Relief, Pakistan, Dr. Fayaz Ahmed.

Twenty-first century technology was at it’s best when Yasmin Jamil who was in her studio in Washington, DC, connected with Anwar Khan who was in New York and the time and Dr. Fayaz Ahmed in Islamabad, Pakistan and had them tell it’s listeners what Islamic Relief is all about.

The two guests are very instrumental in Islamic Relief’s work and watch over several programs which help alleviate the burdens of the needy in Pakistan and around the world. This program called, ‘Har Dam Ravan Hai Zindagi,’ which means that “life is traveling every instance,” could be heard across the world—including in Pakistan in Urdu.

Several callers called in during the radio program and asked questions. Both guests explained the dynamics of Islamic Relief USA and Islamic Relief Pakistan, and explained how they help the poor and needy in crisis and in development. They shared stories of successes and difficulties as well.

Anwar Khan mentioned that when he started with Islamic Relief USA, he raised $150,000 first year and now millions are being raised each year for humanitarian relief efforts around the world.

You can see photos and link up to an archived version of the interview via on this Har Dam Ravan Hai Zindagi page.

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