The conflict cannot end soon by Aid Worker in Lebanon - IRUSA

BUENA PARK, CA (August 1, 2006) – Since the start of the 48 hour ceasefire in Lebanon, Islamic Relief has been delivering urgently needed aid to civilians trapped in South Lebanon, including Qana, where 60 people were recently killed. Islamic Relief is one of the few international aid agencies delivering food and relief items in the southern part of the country.

“Some people in Qana had not received food for 20 days. When we arrived they were too scared to come out of their homes. They are living with no gas or electricity and little food and water but they hear bombings every half hour and are terrified of going out,” said Marc Andre LaGrange, Islamic Relief’s Head of Mission in Lebanon.

Since the start of the recent conflict in Lebanon, more than 800,000 citizens have been displaced and thousands of others are seeking shelter and aid in schools and government buildings. The critical humanitarian situation has prompted the United Nations to make an appeal of $150 million for emergency aid to assist the civilian population.

Islamic Relief has allocated $1 million of immediate aid for the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories. The organization has made an international appeal to raise over $6.4 million total for the Middle East humanitarian crisis.

In addition, Islamic Relief shipped 85 tons of urgently needed aid supplies to Lebanon on August 1. The cargo plane carried essential aid items supplied by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, such as medical supplies, hygiene kits, powdered milk, baby formula, and hand soap. Once on the ground, aid distribution will be overseen by Islamic Relief and the Hariri Foundation, a Lebanese development and education organization.

Since its establishment, Islamic Relief has responded to the humanitarian needs of people regardless of their background. Islamic Relief has already responded to the humanitarian needs in Lebanon by distributing food packages, medicine, household supplies, and other relief goods.

Concerned for the thousands of families that will run out of food and medicine supplies within the next ten days, LaGrange said “The end to this conflict cannot come too soon.”

Islamic Relief staff on the ground in Lebanon are available for interviews. Media professionals may contact Islamic Relief for further information on the humanitarian response to the current crisis.

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