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Earthquake survivors carry relief goods delivered by an Indonesian Army helicopter in Poroo, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Dita Alangkara/AP

The following is an excerpt from an article posted in The 21st show a production of Illinois Public Media in October 2018: 

“On The 21st: Nearly two thousand people have died because of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Indonesia at the end of September. We’ll talk to Illinois college students who are raising money for relief efforts. Plus, with less than a month until the midterm elections we round up the meetings between Gov. Rauner and his challenger, J.B. Pritzker. And, Bobby Hambrick started an Illinois company that makes parts for autonomous cars. He says that future is right around the corner.

On Sept. 28, a 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit one of Indonesia’s largest islands. Shortly after, a tsunami hit the provincial capital of Palu in the central part of the country.

Both of these devastating natural disasters and their after effects have left at least two thousand people declared dead. But officials say that as many as five thousand more might still be missing. That’s in part because of mudflows that have buried hundreds of houses.

Across Illinois, Indonesian students here have been raising money to help with relief efforts back home. This may be because of the number of students with connections to the international world. At the University of Illinois, that’s 1 in 4 students that are international, many of them from Asia. Indonesian students are the fifth largest international student group on the Urbana campus.

Nay Tjatur is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She’s vice president of Permias Chicago, an Indonesian student group. Minhaj Hassan is a spokesperson with Islamic Relief USA. He joined us on the line from from Alexandria, Virginia. ”


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