IRUSA Case Study: Shamset’s ReliefThere are few things that Shamset feels more proud of than her family and rising early at dawn to support them through her work as a street cleaner. Her days are long, difficult, and filled with worry. At 40 years old, being a wife and mother of five has made finding adequate food for her family a challenge in Chechnya.

“Alhamdullilah, we have our own house, but our living standard is low. I am paid very little for my work and our family has no other income. Before I bought products in debt in the neighboring shop, but now the owner changed his rules because people did not pay in time and I have no way out,” Shamset said.

Shamset’s Husband Yunki once worked as a physician and due to a stroke can no longer work as he used to. For her family, Qurbani meat arrived at a time where all seemed lost. She discussed how she makes the best use of the Qurbani meat donated, “I received meat and I try not to cook all of it at once. I divide it up to make soup at least 3 times over. That allows us to have meat dish periodically during a month.”

It’s families like Shamset’s that Qurbani meat provides relief. When they are having the worst time and in need of food, your donations arrive lightening their burden. “It is so touching that the meat is coming from our Muslim brothers and sisters far away. Thank you,” Shamset said.