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The following is an excerpt from an article posted in the Dallasnews.com in Feb 2018: 

“ LaRosiliere takes a brave stand

On behalf of Islamic Relief USA, and the greater Muslim community, I wanted to thank Mayor Harry LaRosiliere for the brave position he took by calling for the resignation of Councilman Tom Harrison after the council member shared a controversial Facebook post that was considered to be anti-Islamic.

We understand that Harrison has apologized and has since removed the Facebook post. While we don’t know what drove the councilman to share that post, or what is in his heart, it is clear LaRosiliere is good-hearted elected official who cherishes inclusivity and is determined to keep Plano a welcoming community for people of various backgrounds, faiths and socioeconomic class.

As a former resident of Plano, where Islamic Relief USA currently has one of its regional offices, I know that the people of that wonderful city value diversity and respect different faiths.

Once again, thank you, Mayor LaRosiliere, for standing up for respect and diversity and calling out hate and division.

Anwar Khan, Alexandria, Va.

President, Islamic Relief USA            ”


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