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The following is an excerpt from an article posted in the ReliefWeb in December2018: 

Islamic Relief is helping families in desperate need following a terrifying tsunami in Indonesia.

We are supporting survivors of the disaster, which struck popular tourist spots on the Sunda Strait overnight on Saturday.

Believed to have been caused by underwater landslides following volcanic eruptions, the giant waves hit at around 9.20pm. There was no warning.

More than 200 people are known to have died, and more than 840 were injured. With many more people still missing, the number of casualties is expected to rise further in the coming days and hours.

Eyewitnesses reported cars being tossed around like toys. Families IR has been helping, have told our staff how they ran for the hills as they saw the massive wave approaching.

People have said that they ran from their homes in the pouring rain in terror. Some have already started going back but others are too afraid of what they will find and worry that loved ones or neighbours may not have been able to escape the destruction.

Responding to an unfolding emergency

Across three regions – Pandegland, South Lampung and Serang beaches – hundreds of homes and buildings are thought to have been destroyed or damaged. The Indonesian disaster management agency has reported damage to hotels, food stalls and 350 boats – all important to local livelihoods.

The full scale of the disaster continues to emerge, but right now the most urgent needs are for food, shelter, medical assistance and essential items like hygiene kits.

Survivors are being helped by emergency teams from Islamic Relief Indonesia and our local partner PKPU.

The latest devastating disaster in Indonesia

The tsunami is thought to have been triggered by an underwater collapse as the nearby Anak Karaktau volcano erupted. The volcano has been erupting throughout the year.

It is the latest in a series of disasters to hit Indonesia. About three months ago, an earthquake triggered a tsunami and landslides which killed more than 2,000 people.

As well as providing humanitarian supplies in the aftermath of the September disaster, Islamic Relief has been helping local families to earn a living once more – and we are committed to building shelters and a school.

Islamic Relief Indonesia last month issued a heartfelt appeal for continued support for disaster-affected families.

Islamic Relief, which has provided critical humanitarian support in Indonesia since 2000, remains on alert for further disasters.”


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