give a Qurbani donation and livestock to one family in Niger to help them build a livelihood
fulfill two Qurbani donations and give livestock to two families in Niger to help them build a livelihood
fulfill three Qurbani donations and give livestock to three families in Niger to help them build a livelihood
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At Islamic Relief, we want to make your Qurbani/Udhiyah donation go farther and have a lasting impact on those most in need. Utilizing our new program, Qurbani+, an Islamic microfinance livelihood program, in Niger, we are supporting widows and orphaned families through a partnership so they can live a dignified life. For every $199 donation you make to this program, you fulfill one Niger Qurbani AND you support an important, poverty-breaking initiative. Read below to learn more.

Qurbani+: Qurbani and a whole lot more

Qurbani+ (Plus) is an initiative that seeks to increase the income of families by partnering with them in an Islamic microfinance livelihood project connected to Eid al-Adha.

Here’s how it works: The head of an orphaned family, usually a mother or grandparent, receives three animals up to six months before the Qurbani season. Islamic Relief buys the animals and gives them to the family to look after them. We train the families in animal fattening and sustainable fodder cultivation in order to rear the animals in the best way possible.

All animals are sourced locally so other people in the community also benefit from our initial purchase.

As the time of Qurbani nears, the fattened animals are sold at market prices to our Qurbani Program, which generates a profit. This profit is shared between Islamic Relief and the families at a predefined and agreed upon ratio.

The profit provides the family with enough money for their household needs and other costs; some families choose to reinvest their money into other initiatives. Islamic Relief uses its share of the profit to reinvest into other income-generating activities so lots of other people can benefit too. All the fattened animals are then made part of the Qurbani distribution for Eid al-Adha to provide the best quality meat for vulnerable people.

So, through Qurbani+, not only does the best quality Qurbani meat reach the most vulnerable people on Eid, but you also help widows and orphaned families break the cycle of poverty!

And by giving $199 to this program now, you fulfill a Niger Qurbani for this year AND support these livelihood efforts for next year’s Eid al-Adha: It’s a win-win!

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum donation of $199 is required in order to fulfill a Niger Qurbani for this year, and support the livelihood component of this program.
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