Portland Muslims Collect $19,000 for Tsunami Victims - IRUSA

BURBANK, California (January 17, 2005) –  The Muslim community at a

Portland Mosque collected $19,000 for tsuanmi victims after the weekly

congregational prayer on Friday, January 14.

Islamic Relief USA representative Ahmed Shama, from the Burbank, CA

headquarters of the organization, delievered the Friday sermon at Bilal

Mosque in Beaverton, focusing on the tsunamis, and then collected funds for

the victims after the prayer.

The funds collected will be used to support Islamic Relief emergency projects

for tsunami victims in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India. Islamic Relief operates

several projects to help the victims of the tsunamis, including water and

sanitation projects, food and clean water distribution, distribution of medicine

and hygiene kits, and reconstruction and repair of homes.

Mr. Shama is available for comment or interview regarding his visit to

Portland, as well as Islamic Relief projects in the tsunami affected areas.

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