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Im working on it now - should I add the first paragraph since it mentions Trump.... and well not sure its too political? - IRUSA - InTheNewsThe following is an excerpt from an article posted in the POPSUGAR in April 2017: 

“With an executive order, President Donald Trump has instated a travel ban that would keep refugees from Muslim countries out of the United States for 120 days and indefinitely ban Syrian refugees. Although the humanitarian crisis in Syria has drawn focus these past weeks, the United States welcomes refugees from all over the world year round…

  • Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) works to help refugees from all cultures and religions all over the world, including the United States, where it helps provide shelter and work for new arrivals. IRUSA, too, allows people to start a fundraiser or contribute to an existing one.

‘Organize welcome committees, offer to show refugees around, and show them vital institutions such as markets, hospitals, libraries, community centers, parks, and administrative offices,” said Jihad Saleh Williams, government and public affairs manager at IRUSA. “Many refugees who come here lack the ability to speak English, so people could offer English lessons or translation services. Also, many refugees who come here are families with children, so having child-friendly activities and child care services help them in transitioning to their new environment.’  ”


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