Philanthropy Journal News:"Islamic Relief USA: Doing Good Through Diversity" - Islamic Relief USA

Philanthropy Journal News reports that natural and human-made disasters are a phenomenon that connects people all across the globe. From hurricanes and tornadoes to oil spills and war zones, we have witnessed or been in direct contact with a traumatic event that may have left us feeling hopeless, lost, and afraid. When it comes to disaster relief and aid, those who risk their lives to assist victims of natural and human-made disasters play an important role in helping those who need safety and hope.

For Islamic Relief USA, their faith drives their mission and inspires them to take on challenges that others might decline. Five values support their efforts to end poverty and help all people: transparency, social justice, excellence, compassion, and sincerity. Islamic Relief, comprised of seven offices throughout the United States, works to end poverty across the country and the world by welcoming and encouraging diversity within their team that reflects the people they serve. Many nonprofits rely on partnerships within the community and other organizations, but diverse staffing and global outreach can be highly impactful at home and abroad.

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