Opportunity Lives: "How Secular Muslim and Christian Americans Are Saving Syrians - Islamic Relief USA

The publication “Opportunity Lives” delves into the ongoing crisis across Syria, and cites Islamic Relief USA donors as one group that continues to provide urgent aid to those in need.

“… If anyone questions the decency of American Muslims, they should read IRUSA’s Syria factsheet. In 17 pages of statistics, the document outlines how IRUSA supporters have sustained nearly 4 million people. But the range of IRUSA programs is similarly stunning. To date, IRUSA has provided more than 1.8 million medical treatments, 147,000 food kits, 84,000 hygiene kits (remember, refugee transit/camp conditions are often awful), nearly 50,000 blankets, 84,002 winter kits, as well as supplies for more than 225 medical facilities. At the same time, like Mercy Corps, IRUSA is working in Lebanon (which has accepted nearly 1.5 million Syrian refugees) and Jordan. In these nations, IRUSA efforts include advanced medical treatments and trauma counseling …”


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