Nearly 500,000 Displaced in Devastating India Floods-IRUSA

Burbank, California (July 6, 2005) –- Islamic Relief Worldwide is responding to

the devastating floods that have killed more than 190 people and displaced

nearly 500,000 in the western Indian province of Gujarat. Nine continuous

days of monsoon rains have affected thousands of villages and resulted in

statewide flooding.

Danger of diseases spreading due to excessive amounts of stagnant water

risk further casualties. Immediate aid is required to assist the flood victims

and prevent the spread of diseases.

Islamic Relief representatives in Gujarat will conduct a comprehensive needs-

assessment and initiate relief efforts.

Islamic Relief has a long history of relief and development projects in India,

including projects to assist the victims of the tsunami that hit India on

December 26, 2004. Islamic Relief provided families with clothing, utensils,

essential grains, and materials to rebuild their huts which were destroyed.

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