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The following is an excerpt from an article posted on Samantha Miles’s Site “Millennial Hustler” in Sep 2017: 

“At 7:00 AM, Faran Kharal has one thing on his mind: serving Hurricane Harvey evacuees as they file in by-the-bus load to the Dallas Convention Center. Every day, he helps evacuated people register into the shelter, guiding them to FEMA to record their loss through this historic hurricane.  Kharal gives folks towels, hygiene items, and kids care packages, while helping them get comfortable at the convention center-turned shelter. He’ll take a quick lunch break for prayer to recharge, then get back to guiding people to their cots, and in many cases, helping those who are sick get help while working alongside Red Cross.

It’s just days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall. The roads in and out of Houston are back open, and so comes the evacuation of many families who’ve been unable to get in or out of the city. One of the places many people will go to is the Dallas Convention Center, now setup as a shelter ready for up to 5,000 people. 

Kharal and his disaster relief team are ready to help people evacuating Houston feel at home. He and 15 other volunteers from Islamic Relief USA (largest Muslim charity in the world) are at the Center which now hosts the National Guard, the Dallas Police Department, the American Red Cross, and the community emergency response team, among other agencies. They’ve set up clinics, a dormitory, and thousands of cots. Since Monday, they’ve seen roughly 120 residents check in from evacuating their homes from Hurricane Harvey as the people of Houston recover day by day from this catastrophic storm…


How you can help: 

Islamic Relief USA has collected over $150,000 of donations to cover shelter expenses, to bring in volunteers from out-of-state. Donated money will go on cash cards for financial assistance. You can donate here:  

In DALLAS – there other organizations connecting funds, via the American Red Cross.

They are taking water and hygiene items. 

IRUSA also has a table to provide financial assistance and cash cards to people who’ve lost everything. “They’re stranded. We can give them emergency cash cards if they want to stay in hotel room, or we can help them pay bills.”

In the coming days, they aim to have more cash cards to give while working alongside the American Red Cross. 

More info on IRUSA: Founded in 1993, Islamic Relief is the largest Muslim charity in America, with about $100 million a year in donations. Most of the money is used for aid operations in and around overseas conflict zones, but the group also responds to domestic disasters with a formal team created five years ago.”


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