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Prolonged conflict, natural disasters and political crises in the Middle East have destroyed communities and economies that once thrived. Millions have been displayed, became refugees and homeless settlers. A majority of these unfortunate people live in intolerable conditions, lack access to adequate food and water, and some go days without a meal. For many women, livelihood has become a need. For young children, even going to a school has become a wish.

Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) is committed to helping the disadvantaged and marginalized people in the Middle East with its emergency food projects, livelihood training, medical aid, water supply and shelter. IRUSA work for a world where no one dies of want for food. We ensure that people’s dignity is protected in everything we do.

Download Middle East Donor Report (updated: April 2019)
IRUSA has already served more than 2,244,000 people in the Middle East with its 74 projects running in 09 countries of the region. Your support ensures that Islamic Relief USA has money to immediately help the destitute people at the time they need help.
Through its emergency aid, disaster relief and sustainable projects, Islamic Relief USA has become a top-ranked charity in the USA to provide relief and development to the needy communities in the Middle East. Our local volunteers do their humanitarian work in the region, we do not send people from the USA. Your generous contributions can be used for a variety of life-saving activities in the Middle East including:
  • Food Aid
  • Emergency Response
  • Aid for Refugees
  • Orphans and Children
  • Ramadan
  • Islamic Giving
  • Water
  • Qurbani
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Our supporters responded to our appeals with their generous financial commitments. We extend our gratitude to all for helping and caring for our brothers and sisters in their difficult times. Annual reports let you know how your generous support has helped make a difference in the lives of people you cared for. You will be kept updated through monthly e-newsletters, program updates and information about upcoming events.
IRAQ Islamic Relief team helps people in Iraq to bring lasting sustainable change in the lives of needy.
Jordan IRUSA make provisions of the basics of life – food, water, shelter, education and healthcare.in Jordan
LEBANON We built separate toilets for girls and encouraged 250 young girls to go to schools.
PALESTINE Our unpaid volunteers work for the disadvantaged communities with sustainable livelihood projects.
SYRIA IRUSA team responded quickly to natural disasters in the country to provide immediate help to the affected.
TUNISIA Our workers helped women in the country with micro-financing for sustainable livelihood skills and tools.
TURKEY IRUSA helped the poorest people of the country with Sharia-compliant micro-financing to become self-dependent.
YEMEN IRUSA feeds --- families each month in Yemen, one of the most hunger-stricken regions of the world.