About Islam:"Negative Rhetoric Hits Islamic Relief Efforts in Flood-Hit Louisiana" - Islamic Relief USA

About Islam reports that, launched in 2011, Islamic Relief USA has deployed teams to two dozen major disaster situations in the United States and has trained and certified more than 2,500 responders.

“It is of outmost importance that we respond to a disaster of this magnitude in a rapid and effective manner, as a large number of people will be in immediate need of assistance,” Hani Hamwi, Islamic Relief’s disaster response team manager, told The Independent.

“It is our duty to help our neighbors in need, and we will do everything within our capacity to make sure that aid is given to those most affected by the floods.”

Hamwi was referring to the group’s latest efforts to tackle “historical” flooding in Louisiana, a crisis that has rocked the state and forced at least 20,000 people to leave their homes.


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