Islamic Relief Worldwide Responds to Deadly Asia Earthquake

BURBANK, California (December 26, 2004) – Islamic Relief Worldwide has

responded to the most powerful earthquake to hit the earth in 40 years,

measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale, by launching an initial $1,350,000 appeal

to assist the victims.

The earthquake struck deep in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of

Sumatra on Sunday, triggering tidal waves up to 30 feet high that obliterated

villages and seaside resorts in six countries across southern Asia. An

estimated 10,000 people have been reported killed thus far in the

devastation. At least 4,185 have been reported killed in Indonesia, and at

least 3,000 people were killed in Sri Lanka, which is 1,000 miles west of the


In addition, about 2,300 were reported dead along the southern coasts of

India, at least 289 in Thailand, 42 in Malaysia and two in Bangladesh. As more

information comes in from different countries, officials are expecting the

death toll to rise.

Islamic Relief Worldwide Response

IRW has launched an initial $1,350,000 appeal to assist the victims. This

includes an initial  $270,650 for relief and rehabilitation intervention in the

region, and $27,000 to meet the immediate needs of victims in Sri Lanka.

IRW is constantly monitoring events and making contact with those on the

ground in Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. Our representative in Sri Lanka is

performing a needs assessment. An Emergency Response Team will be

operational in Sri Lanka within the next 5 to 7 days.

An assessment team from our Indonesia office is leaving for Aceh,

Indonesia tomorrow morning and our partners in India are on their way to

Chennai for an assessment.

The victims of the disaster are in need of medical supplies, tents and

sanitation facilities. Islamic Relief USA will continue to send updates as

additional information becomes available.

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