Islamic Relief Worldwide Builds Five New Health Clinics

BURBANK, California (March 1, 2005) – Islamic Relief Worldwide has begun

building five new health clinics in Banda Aceh, Indonesia to bring medical relief

to the victims of the devastating tsunamis.

Four of the clinics will be temporary establishments providing much needed

medical care in the area, while one clinic will be built for permanent use.

Lambaro, Leupung, Lhoknga, and Neuheun clinics are the four temporary

clinics that are to be completely built within 15 days. The permanent

Lampisang clinic will be completely built within 30 days.

Over 280,000 people lost their lives in the tsunami disaster, with millions left

homeless and hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed.

On February 2, 2005, Islamic Relief USA and Operation USA partnered to send

over $7 million of emergency aid for tsunami victims in Indonesia. Islamic

Relief Worldwide is building lasting infrastructure in the affected areas. Our

long-term projects are scheduled to operate at least until 2007.

To date, Islamic Relief Worldwide has collected over $23 million in cash and in-

kind aid for the victims of the tsunamis in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India.

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