Islamic Relief to Collect Funds for Tsunami Victims at Portland Mosque - Islamic Relief USA

BURBANK, California (January 13, 2005) –  Islamic Relief USA is collecting

funds for the tsunami victims at Bilal masjid, one of the largest mosques in

the Portland area.

The funds will be collected after the Friday congregational prayer. Islamic

Relief USA represenrtative Ahmed Shama, from the Burbank headquarters of

the organization is in Portland to inform the constituents of the mosque

about the tsunamis, and what they are doing to assist the victims.

Mr. Shama is available after the prayer for comment or interview.


Collection for Tsunami Victims at Muslim Friday Prayer


Bilal Masjid

4115 SW 160th

Beaverton, OR 97007


Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Sermon and Prayer Will Begin at 12:30pm, and End at 1:00pm

(Media professionals are invited to observe the Friday sermon and prayer, and

in addition, Mr. Shama will be available after the prayer for comment or


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