Islamic Relief Issues Statement Condemning Subway Blasts - Islamic Relief USA

BURBANK, California (July 21, 2005) – Burbank, CA based charity Islamic Relief

has issued a statement condemning Thursday’s subway blasts in London.

Islamic Relief Executive Director and Chairman of the Board Ahmad El Bendary

said in a statement:

“It is time for all people of conscious to take a clear stand against all forces

of terrorism and extremism. We cannot allow a few misguided groups, whose

main goal is to promote hatred and disorder, to hijack the attention of the

rest of the world. No amount of injustice done against a group or individuals

can be an excuse for this kind of behavior.

Let us not fall into the trap of justifying a wrong action because of injustice

somewhere else. Two wrongs will never make a right, and the end will never

justify the means. It is inconceivable that in these times, when millions of

children are dying of hunger in Africa, people can commit such acts which will

only create disharmony and ill-feelings between populations.”

Islamic Relief has been committed to humanitarian work around the world for

over twenty years, operating emergency relief and long-term sustainable

development projects in the world’s most disadvantaged countries. Since its

inception, Islamic Relief has been working on behalf of the poor to combat

hunger, diseases, and illiteracy, as well as promoting education and self-

sufficiency around the world.

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