Distribute 4,000 Pounds of Food in Los Angeles - Islamic Relief USA

BUENA PARK, CA (February 2, 2007) – As millions anticipate the big kickoff this “Super Sunday,” Islamic Relief will be distributing 4,000 pounds of meat to low-income families hours before the game gets underway. In partnership with Los Angeles-based non-profits, the ILM Foundation, Muslim American Society, and the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, Islamic Relief will give out approximately forty pounds of food per family this Sunday at 1 pm.

The distribution will take place at Masjid Ibadullah, where one hundred families are expected to turnout.

Islamic Relief has already distributed over 15,000 pounds of meat to needy communities in the Metro Detroit area and another 14,000 in California.

Two weeks ago, Islamic Relief distributed 3,500 pounds of meat to recent African immigrants in Anaheim. In Northern California, Islamic Relief worked with Family Promise of Sacramento, St. John”s Shelter for Women and Children, and the Salvation Army”s Social Services Center to share the food with the needy.

This is the second year in a row Islamic Relief has conducted the annual “Udhiyah” meat distribution in the United States, which follows the major Muslim holiday of “Eid al-Adha” (Festival of the sacrifice). Udhiyah (also known as “Qurbani”) is an Islamic religious practice involving the slaughtering of an animal.

“This will be the final event for Islamic Relief’s meat distribution campaign during this holiday season and we”re thrilled to have been able to distribute 30,000 pounds of food to needy families,” said Islamic Relief spokesperson Mostafa Mahboob. “We look forward to making this event even bigger next year.”

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