Little Hassan is only 5 — younger than the war in Syria that took his mother away from him.

She was putting out the candle in his room when a barrel bomb fell on their house. She was killed instantly. Two of his sisters were killed too.

Rescuers pulled Hassan and one remaining sister from the rubble of their house and took them to a hospital. Hospitals in Syria are desperately short of all supplies, but Islamic Relief donors have provided medical supplies to the one Hassan was taken to — giving doctors tools to treat patients like him.

“The doctors here are looking after us and giving us medicine to reduce the pain in our feet,” he said. “They told me they will remove the metal pins in my feet and I will learn to walk again.

“I love football and swimming and fishing in the sea, but right now I just want to be able to walk.

“I love the doctors here – they are like mothers to me. Everyone here is so good, but I hope to get out of here. …

“I pray that Allah heals all the patients who are in this hospital so they can walk with their own two feet again.”