IRUSA case study: Halil won't be slowed downAt 40-years-old, Halil has survived many of Kosovo’s unforgiving winters, but not without struggles along the way. Still, he never abandons hope. Thanks to Islamic Relief USA donors, he now has a new wheelchair and supplies to make it through the winter.

He lives with eleven family members, one of whom also has a disability. Several also endure health difficulties due to lack of access to quality healthcare.

His disability has not stopped him and his brothers from farming their land, even in the cold climate. Halil constantly makes himself available for additional seasonal work to be the breadwinner for the family.

“Even though I have a disability, I want to do something on my own,” he shares with Islamic Relief staff. “It makes me satisfied and increases my self-esteem… I’m doing all I can. The conditions at home are very bad. Very few months do  we receive steady income from seasonal jobs.”

Halil thanks those who made it possible for him to have a wheelchair. The assistance he received from Islamic Relief USA eased his burdens and made the whole family more resilient.

His gratitude extends to all donors for not only helping him, but for supporting so many vulnerable families worldwide, especially during the challenges of winter.