Crippling climate change

In large parts of the world, the increasing impact of climate change and unpredictable weather patterns are leading to severe drought which has a domino effect on the entire community.

Firstly, families have no safe water to drink and risk contracting deadly waterborne diseases from contaminated water sources. With insufficient water for farming, crops fail and livestock perishes. With no food, families begin to starve and without a livelihood, families can be left destitute.

Unable to fulfil their most basic needs or buy essential equipment for other income-generating activities to lift themselves out of poverty, these families are then trapped in a devastating cycle. Often they are left fighting for their lives.

Sustainable water projects

It is vital that we put in place sustainable water projects to help mitigate the effects of drought. We believe in giving water for life. When we build a water system, we want to ensure communities are left with easy access to a sustainable source of clean water for years to come.

Together with people and communities:

  • We rehabilitate viable water systems as well as equip and train communities to maintain water points, restoring and sustaining communities’ access to clean water
  • We build water tanks to collect rain water, allowing communities to safely store water for when water is scarce
  • We install irrigation systems to enable farmers to continue producing food during times of drought
  • We distribute hygiene kits to maximise the benefits of safe water and reduce the prevalence of water-borne diseases, lowering mortality rates – particularly amongst children
  • We help improve access to clean water sources as well as agricultural inputs and knowledge, addressing the underlying causes of poor water coverage and food insecurity
  • We drill boreholes and build micro dams providing sustainable sources of water throughout the dry season

Save lives today

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The best charity is giving water to drink” [Ahmad] and he was the most generous in giving charity.

Access to safe water is a basic human right and we are working hard to ensure that greater water equality is achieved across the world.

Your donations will save lives and regenerate whole communities for generations to come ensuring that no individual has to go without safe water to drink and for everyday essential needs such as washing, cooking and looking after livestock. Please give generously to help provide families worldwide with this basic life essential.


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