IRUSA In_The_NEWs: The Fairfax County Times: "Islamic Relief USA-supported Sewing Program to hold graduation ceremony at local mosque"The following is an excerpt from an article posted in the in May 2018:  The Fairfax County Times: “Islamic Relief USA-supported Sewing Program to hold a graduation ceremony at the local mosque”

“The Sewing Academy at Dar Al-Hijrah, , located at 3159 Row St., Falls Church, will hold a ceremony for this semester’s graduates on May 3, from 2 to 3:15 pm in the courtyard of the mosque.

Islamic Relief USA supported this year’s program with a grant, as it has in prior years.

“The success of this extremely beneficial program would not have been possible without the contributions made by Islamic Relief USA,” said Tahani Jabarin, director of the Social Services Department at Dar-al-Hijrah. “We appreciate IRUSA bringing the program to life and sponsoring the 8th semester of the program.”

This semester, which is the academy’s eighth, 12 women will receive certificates for completing 100 hours of training on various types of sewing machines (commercial-grade, personal). The classes have provide the women an essential and marketable trade, as they are now able to sew various kinds of items and sell them. Among the items they have learned to make are scarves, clothing, curtains, drapes, pillowcases, couch covers, etc.

Nearly 100 individuals have completed the program since the program’s inception 2014.

Each graduate will receive a free sewing machine from the academy, which will help the graduates to continue honing their skills and expanding their creativity.

Jabarin said there are many success stories.

“We have many women who have worked from home and sold their items,” she said.

Jabarin added that the mosque provides space for the women to sew materials even after they have graduated from the program.”


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