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DEARBORN, MI (October 20, 2005) – Muslims from throughout Metro Detroit will gather at the Wigle Recreation Center to host ‘Humanitarian Day for the Homeless,’ a one-day, one-stop fair to provide the homeless population with food, clothing, blankets, medical services and social services.

Organizers aim to serve 3,000 homeless (approximately 10% of Detroit’s homeless population) with hygiene packs, new winter clothing, hot meals, children’s toys, medical and social services.

Started in Los Angeles three years ago, Humanitarian Day has become an annual event in Ramadan and will be held nationally in 5 cities this year — Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Detroit, Newark and Washington, D.C.

WHAT: Humanitarian Day for the Homeless

WHEN: Sunday, October 23 10:00am to 2:00pm

WHERE: Wigle Recreation Center 3650 John C. Lodge (N. of Martin L King Blvd)

The event is taking place in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims are encouraged as part of their faith to donate to the poor and needy. Every year in the month of Ramadan, Muslims across the world fast from sunrise until sunset, abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations.

Participating organizations include: The Muslim Center, Bishr Poultry, MSAs of U of M and Wayne State, Muslim Family Services, Huda Clinic, Muslim Physicians of Greater Detroit, IAGD, The Unity Center, Tawheed Center, HUDA, School, Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan, Masjid Wali Muhammad, and ICD.

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