BURBANK, California (August 17, 2004) – Responding to the humanitarian crisis

which has already claimed as many as 50,000 lives and displaced over one

million people, Islamic Relief Worldwide has increased its emergency relief

projects in Darfur, Sudan. These projects have recently gained international

media attention, with coverage by both CNN and BBC.

IRW staff member Adeel Jafferi was recently interviewed by CNN Chief

International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour, who was reporting from

IRW’s own Al-Riyad camp in Darfur. In addition, Islamic Relief USA staff

member Arif Shaikh, who was recently in Darfur, was interviewed by BBC

Correspondent Ritula Shah from “The World Today” on BBC World Service.

CNN Coverage

“They were all saying the same thing: ‘We want food and shelter,’ ” said

Adeel Jafferi of Islamic Relief. “When the rains come it’s a nightmare. When

the rains come it’s like sheets of glass hitting your face.”

View the entire article on CNN.com:


BBC World Service Radio Interview

“The last thing we want is to have a road block … to where everything is in

place, but we can’t actually help the beneficiary. And that’s a really sad

situation, especially when you see people dying in front of our eyes based on

bureaucratic reasons.”

Listen to the interview or read the transcript:


Islamic Relief USA representative Arif Shaikh, who recently returned from

Darfur on a humanitarian mission, is available for comment or interview.

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