Aid Agency Representative Returns from Africa Humanitarian Trip

BURBANK, California (March 14, 2006) – Islamic Relief representative Shamiq Hussain, recently returned from a tour of two African nations, where a major food crisis is affecting millions of people.

Hussain, part of an Islamic Relief delegation that visited the countries of Kenya and Malawi, witnessed first-hand the effect that the long-running drought and food shortage has had on a large segment of the population.

Over 10 million people in Kenya, Malawi, and Ethiopia in eastern and southern Africa are facing a severe food crisis due to years of drought and depletion of food resources. In Kenya alone 3.5 million people are in need of food aid, while another 4.9 million people in Malawi are affected by the current crisis.

Commenting on his trip, Hussain said “The situation in Mandera [Kenya] is dire and growing worse. The current drought, which has afflicted the region for over three years, is showing no signs of abating and famine is looming. If we act now, we may be able to prevent countless Kenyans from starving.”

Islamic Relief has allocated an initial budget of $250,000 and is targeting $1.2 million to provide emergency assistance for the starving populations in Kenya, Malawi, and Ethiopia. Islamic Relief has established offices in all three countries, and our staff is working on the ground to help the affected people in this time of need.

With the food crisis not receiving adequate attention, a United Nations representative said people “are already living on the edge and unless donors respond immediately, we fear for the worst.”

Media professionals interested in interviewing Hussain about his trip should contact Islamic Relief’s media representative below.

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