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BUENA PARK, CA (August 29, 2006) – With a year passing since the destruction brought onshore by Hurricane Katrina, Islamic Relief continues to operate projects assisting survivors of the tragedy. With over $2 million in aid already spent on projects in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, Islamic Relief has remained committed to helping victims of the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.

Islamic Relief has maintained full-time staff in the Gulf Coast region since the disaster struck. Since Islamic Relief’s response efforts, which began within days after the hurricane struck, over 1.28 million pounds of food items have been distributed in Louisiana alone. Working with partners such as the Second Harvest Food Bank and FEMA’s Voluntary Agency Warehouse, Islamic Relief has distributed essential goods such as food supplies, water, and other household items to hurricane victims.

Haley Barbour, the Governor of Mississippi, said, “Islamic Relief, or other organizations that derive out of religious institutions, they have been critical to our recover. … We’re very grateful.”

Some highlights of the projects and accomplishments of Islamic Relief thus far include:

-Establishment of a clinic in Biloxi, MS and distribution of much needed medicines and medical supplies

-‘Muslim Help Day’ – Provided hot meals to New Orleans evacuees taking shelter at the convention center in Houston

-Provided initial shelter to evacuees in Baton Rouge, LA; relocated families to apartments and provided other services

-Helped displaced students by providing tuition fees and much-needed educational supplies

-Shared Katrina experience with Senate HELP Committee to improve future response efforts; Sen. Edward Kennedy said, “I commend [Islamic Relief] for all you have done so well and for all you continue to do each day. You’re vital to the strength of the Gulf Coast communities you serve and essential to making them whole once one.”

-Mobilized thousands of volunteers in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi to help serve hurricane victims

Islamic Relief realizes the road to recovery for Katrina survivors will take years. Having been active in the response efforts in the first year, Islamic Relief looks forward to being a part of this major rebuilding effort.

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