Milana was 3 months old when her mother abandoned her family. Six months later, her neighborhood in Chechnya was bombed, killing her father. Her grandmother took in the orphaned baby and raised her.

Their small income was enough to survive on, but when she was old enough to go to college, they weren’t sure how they could pay for it. Milana needed to find some work to help. But unemployment is high in Chechnya.

She was very glad to hear about an Islamic Relief vocational training course. The tailoring course was perfect for her because she had always loved to sew.

“It was my childhood dream to sew fashionable clothes and become a famous tailor,” she said.
Milana learned tailoring skills, and then Islamic Relief donors gave her a grant that helped her buy a sewing machine.

Now she owns her own business.

“I’m really happy that my dream has partially come true,” she said with tears in her eyes. I’ve got the skills now and tools to sew, and it’s now my pleasure to endeavor after recognition and better future.

“I am very thankful to Islamic Relief for this chance to come out of poverty, pay back to my sweet grandmother for her self-sacrificing care and love and show my mom that her little daughter found the way in this life to become happy.”


Islamic Relief USA supported project changed the life of Milana for the better.
Now she is a happy owner of her small sewing business