6,000-10,000 People Dying Every Month in Darfur, Sudan - Islamic Relief USA

The World Health Organization (WHO), a United Nations agency reported that

6,000 to 10,000 people are dying every month in the internally displaced

person (IDP) camps in Darfur, due to mostly starvation and disease. The WHO

survey results confirm an estimate of a total death toll of 50,000 in the Darfur

region since the start of the conflict 19 months ago.

Half to three-quarters of the deaths among children under five were linked to

diarrhea, which is often caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. The

WHO reports that “…the crowded conditions in the settlements, shortage of

clean water, inadequate latrines, insufficient soap, and the mire caused by

rain-soaked mud mingling with excrement, have combined to make hygiene an

impossible goal for people living in small, tarpaulin-covered huts.”

The U.S. Agency for International Development has warned that the death

toll could surge to 350,000 or more if aid doesn’t reach some 2 million people


Islamic Relief Worldwide is currently operating two camps for internally

displaced persons in Darfur, which currently number more than one million

people. The camps, known as Al-Riyad and Kerinding II, are administered in

coordination with the United Nations, and provide beneficiaries with food,

water, shelter, healthcare, and education.

Islamic Relief Worldwide is monitoring the situation on a continuous basis to

assess the needs of the displaced people.

Arif Shaikh, Director of Media and Public Relations for Islamic Relief USA

visited Darfur in April, and is available for comment or interview.

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