Zainab’s name has been changed to protect her privacy

Zainab* and her husband are active members of their masjid in Virginia.

“We’ve been here for a long time,” she said. Zainab and her husband take part in programs, they attend prayers, she’s even volunteered at the food pantry.

So when she and her husband fell on some hard times, she turned to the Islamic Relief USA-sponsored Zakah program there.

“My husband was not feeling OK, and he couldn’t find any job,” she said. They fell behind in their rent. They applied at different programs, and this one is where they found help. The program paid the month’s rent. It was enough to help them through the difficult time.

“May Allah (swt) give me to give them,” she said. “May Allah bless you all.”

Zainab has been a donor before—she helped run a fundraiser in conjunction with Islamic Relief USA.

“We know this is from our Islamic history, from Rasul (pbuh). You have to be a giver or a receiver, there’s no third one. We just do our obligations. When I have money, I have to give because that’s my pillar of Islam, to help my fellow brother and sister. I really urge everyone who can, to help.”

Help more people, like Zainab, receive aid through your zakah.