About the Emergency

An already dire humanitarian situation in Yemen has now gotten progressively worse after conflict escalated in mid-March. More than 1,000 people have been killed, and more than 4,000 injured since this recent bout of clashes began. And more than 300,000 people have become internally displaced—leaving in search of safety away from the more intense conflict zones.

Conditions are deteriorating quickly, and they’re only expected to get worse. Electricity cuts and shortages of fuel and water are complicating difficulties for many people. Hospitals are overwhelmed, and food and medical aid are scarce. Families are suffering.

Listen to this important message from Yemen:

How Islamic Relief Is Helping

Islamic Relief has been working in Yemen for more than 17 years, and now, IR international offices are undertaking efforts to provide emergency relief, with special focus on food aid, to those affected by recent violence. We urge you to start your support now so that aid can move quickly.

Some 7,000 individuals in the Amran governate stand to benefit from a food distribution project. The food packages, providing at least a month’s worth of sustenance, will include items such as flour, sugar, cooking oil, rice, red beans, milk powder, tea and cooking sauce.

Life-saving medical supplies will insha’Allah be distributed to three main hospitals in the Aden governate, helping some 4,000 people in need.

Assist 5,160 vulnerable households (approx..36,120 individuals) in 6 governorates of Yemen (Marib, Lahj, Aden , Sanaa, Dhammar, and Taiz) with monthly food rations for 3 months. Subject to market availability, the food pack will contain:

  • Wheat Flour 50KG
  • Sugar 10 KG
  • Cooking Oil 4 L
  • Rice 20 KG/bag
  • Pulses 9.6 KG

Emergency Water Supply in Aden and Taiz
Some 4,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Aden and Taiz, affected by the recent emergency, are receiving clean water supplies, daily, for one month. Water tanks, of a capacity of 8,000 liters, are being installed in close locations close to where they live and go to school so that they have easy access to fresh water.

PLEASE NOTE: Donations made toward Yemen Humanitarian Aid in excess of the support requirements for this particular emergency may be used to support other important emergency or long-term work in Yemen.

How You Can Help