Water And Sanitation

Whoever digs a well will receive reward for that from Allah (SWT) on the Day of Judgement when anyone amongst jinn, men, and birds drinks from it.”.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim

Please note: Donations made toward IRUSA’s Water and Sanitation fund may be used to support important urgent or long-term work related to providing access to and resources for clean water and sanitation facilities around the world.

Over 650 million people do not have proper access to a good water source—that’s 1 in 9 people in the world. A United Nations publication, “Safe Water as the Key to Global Health,” states: “No other single intervention is more likely to have a significant impact on global poverty than the provision of safe water.”

Without water to drink, people can’t live. Without water for their crops and livestock, they can’t eat enough or earn a living. If their water isn’t clean, they won’t be healthy. If their water comes from a faraway source, they have to spend their days carrying it instead of going to school or earning an income—this affects women and girls the most.

Closely linked to clean water is sanitation. More than one-third of the world’s population—2.5 billion people—do not have improved sanitation facilities, and 1 billion of them still practice open defecation. Too often, this contaminates the community’s water source, threatening people’s health and lives.

Islamic Relief water and sanitation projects–both at the emergency and long-term levels–have been providing essential aid for many years. In places like Mali, Nepal, and Niger Islamic Relief is rehabilitating/constructing solar powered water wells, hygiene education, and upgrading sanitary facilities. As local water infrastructure is developed through these interventions they improve the ability of community members to earn livelihoods and work to increase education access for youth, especially girls.

Make it your goal to help bring access to clean water and sanitation facilities to our sisters and brothers who need it most. Clean water is a right; giving it is righteous.

$100 can help provide clean water to someone in need | $700 can give access to fresh water for a family | $2,500 can help fund a solar-panel well for a village

World Water Day, March 22

IRUSA World Water Day

Every year on March 22 — World Water Day — Islamic Relief USA joins concerned citizens around the world to bring attention to the world’s water crisis.

You can be a part of this worldwide effort on World Water Day—and every day!

  • One easy way is by sharing the meme you see here, and this page with your friends and family.
  • Another is to use these special resources from the United Nations to inform and inspire your action.
  • A third is by reading about and discussing water crises, like the toxic water in Flint, water shortages in South Africa, or inaccessibility to clean water supplies across East Africa or in Palestine.

There are many ways to get involved. Use the hashtag #WorldWaterDay and tag @IslamicReliefUSA to be a part of the conversation.



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