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Islamic Relief USA accepts zakat donations and distributes them according to Islamic principles to people in need. We work with active mosques and community organizations around the country to identify people who qualify for help and distribute the assistance. Recipients include low-income families, refugees, and survivors of domestic violence. The zakat donations cover expenses such as rent assistance, emergency medical expenses, employment training, food vouchers, utilities, and other emergency needs.

Sadaqah donations are also used to help support qualified programs. One of our programs, like the Winston-Salem State University Community Care Center in North Carolina, has used sadaqah to help provide patients with low socio-economic status gain access to physical and occupational therapy; and is supporting medical devices, equipment, supplies, shoe orthotics, and more. The funds also helped support the salary of a part-time physical therapist. Another program with Islamic American Zakat Foundation, has been servicing needy families and individuals living below the poverty line with rental, utility, fuel, medical expense, shelter, clothing and emergency transportation support funding for self-sufficiency.

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