United States

Food Aid/Livelihood/Water and Sanitation


Islamic Relief USA has cared for our homeless neighbors for more than a decade through Day of Dignity events as well as other projects.

IRUSA joins with partner organizations to provide food and items like hygiene kits and winter coats at Day of Dignity events around the country every year. These events also offer health screenings and assistance accessing local services.

Preventing Homelessness and Caring for the Homeless

IRUSA supports Al-Maun in Las Vegas to help connect families with a variety of services that can help them learn to improve their financial situation and stay in their homes. For women who have had to leave their homes in the Baltimore area, IRUSA supports the Al-Mumtahinah Home, which offers them somewhere to stay and helps them apply for a job and plan their finances. In California, IRUSA helps homeless families settle into stable housing by covering up-front housing costs so they can focus on making rent payments, and helping them through the transition.

In Brooklyn NY, IRUSA works in conjunction with Nasrul Ilm America to address the immediate plight of the local homeless population by providing high quality case-specific resources for survival. IRUSA partners with the United Way will be servicing students in Roanoke, Virginia who face homeless and have been identified by the Roanoke City Public School System as falling into the 80% of children who are exempt from state and federal assistance to find secure housing along with other life-stabilizing support services.            

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