PLEASE NOTE: Donations made toward IRUSA’s South Asia Humanitarian Aid fund in excess of the support requirements for this particular emergency may be used to support other important emergency or long-term work across the region.

Heavy monsoon rains across South Asia, namely in Bangladesh and northern India, have devastated local communities—many of whom are already living in poverty. Landslides and floods have killed hundreds of people and displaced at least 2 million across the region. More than a third of Bangladesh has reportedly been flooded!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the end of it; the situation is expected to worsen as rains continue and rivers swell. And as they do, the risk of disease by polluted water and food shortages grow. Survivors need assistance, especially in the forms of water and sanitation, food aid and shelter.

Alhamdulilah, because Islamic Relief has local offices in the area, relief teams were able to mobilize quickly, but there is much more work to do and they need support: We all have to work together. Please, pay attention to what is happening across South Asia, and donate to humanitarian efforts for our brothers and sisters in need.