Shamsa was born blind, and her brother and one of her sisters are also blind. Her mother and sister struggle to feed the family on 10 cents a day, which they earn folding thousands of little envelopes out of old magazines.

Shamsa’s an orphan. Without proper care, children like her have little hope of a brighter future.

Islamic Relief’s orphan sponsorship program opened a whole new world for Shamsa. She’s receiving food, clothes and the medical care she needs, and now, she’s attending school, where she’s learned to read Braille.

Shamsa’s entire family is also benefiting because we’ve been able to alleviate the daily pressure of
providing the next meal for her mother.

Islamic Relief’s orphan sponsorship program currently supports more than 25,000 children like Shamsa, and more than 7,000 of them are sponsored by U.S. donors. This gives orphans an opportunity to grow and prosper.

Thanks to our donors, orphaned children like Shamsa can envision a better tomorrow.

Change a child’s life and sponsor an orphan today, or consider giving a family a food packet to help
hunger and suffering worldwide.

Together, we can make a world of difference for orphans like Shamsa around the globe.