“Well, I am delighted to meet you today” is how Nana begins her story.

Nana is a widow in Mali with 7 children. After her husband died, she began selling things like baby bottles and traditional baby medicines outside the county health center.

She’s always living on the edge. When one of her children gets sick, or when she can’t afford business fees, she goes hungry, and sometimes her children do too.

“It is not uncommon for my kids to go to school with empty stomach,” she said.

As delighted as Nana was to meet Islamic Relief staff, she was more delighted to greet Ramadan.

“SubhanAllah … Ramadan is a holy month in which it is easy to reach Allah, the Creator of the universe. I am doing my best to be closer to Allah by prayers and fasting.”

While it’s a beautiful time, it’s a hard one too. Prices rise at the market, she said, and it’s harder to afford food.

This year, though, alhamdulillah, a gift from a U.S. donor lifted that burden for her.

“Thanks to the Ramadan food package, I am able to feed my children regularly,” she said. “It allows us to spend Ramadan smoothly, to fulfill our spiritual duty and it makes Ramadan easy for all of us.

“Thanks to this package, I am not wondering about what to do in order to have food, and I can save some money. I am not spending more money to buy rice or sugar…

“Our plate is full and there is no reason to worry for food in this month of Ramadan.”

“I would like to thank warmly Islamic Relief staff and their donors for their priceless assistance for vulnerable people. I am grateful to them. I pray Allah to protect them and to grant them success. May Allah reward Islamic Relief!”

At IRUSA, we thank you too!