Islamic Relief Stands with New Zealand

On March 15, 2018, 50 Muslims were killed along with another 50 injured in a terrorist attack. The gunman targeted mosque attendees present for Friday prayer. A 51st victim was pronounced dead at the end of the weekend on March 17th. The shooter was apprehended at the scene and an investigation is pending.

The IRUSA family is deeply saddened by this atrocity and compelled by the outpouring of loving from the global community. New Zealanders especially, have taken the mantle and made this tragedy an opportunity to express solidarity for the Muslim community there.

IRUSA is currently working on the ground to support survivors and families of survivors with psychosocial and financial support. Today the community of New Zealand host the public burial for the victims and an open memorial for families affected. Please continue keep the people of New Zealand in your hearts as they process a devastating tragedy.