“I could not make my family smile, but you did.”

20-year-old Mohammad Sadak struggles to provide for his family— a wife, 8-month-old baby, his mother and three elder sisters. He works as a laborer in Myanmar. Since his father passed away, he has stepped up to take care of their needs, though he is still very young.

Because of the ongoing conflict in the region, it is difficult to find work and rely on a regular income. Mohammad earns only the equivalent of $3 per day, and all of it is spent trying to feed his family.

The meat they receive for Qurbani is a very special treat.

“I want to feed delicious foods to my family,” he told Islamic Relief staff. “We normally eat rice with fried fish or vegetables. We want to eat beef or meat sometimes, but we rarely do. However, today I have a privilege to cook beef for my whole family. I will surely see the smiling faces of my family when we have our dinner this evening. I would like to say thank you so much to the donor who contributed the beef for Eid, one of our very special occasions.”