PLEASE NOTE: Donations made toward IRUSA’s USA Humanitarian Aid fund in excess of the support requirements for this particular emergency may be used to support other important emergency or long-term work across the country.

United States



Hurricane Matthew Hits East Coast

In October 2016, Islamic Relief USA declared an emergency to assist Hurricane Matthew survivors in the United States. The East Coast was hit by torrential rain, damaging winds, and faces the potential for catastrophic flooding. Some 2 million homes and businesses were without power along the southeastern seaboard.

More than 1,000 were killed by Matthew in Haiti, which made landfall there as a Category 4 hurricane. It landed in the United States as a Category 1 and has killed at least 20 as it made its way up the coast. Some 4,000 people were in shelters.

After the initial phases of emergency relief were complete, IRUSA disaster responders coordinated with local partners to continue recovery and rebuilding efforts for survivors in North Carolina. The work continues into 2017 with monthly muck-outs and rebuilds.

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