IRUSA worked with the U.N. Office for Project Services to build 198 high-quality temporary shelters to house 800 people. Thirty-four latrines also were constructed. Shelters are designed to withstand up to Category 4 hurricanes. The families also received kits with other sheltering necessities. Local carpenters and repairmen were trained to support this effort.

IRUSA donors also reconstructed and improved the National School of Dumay. Twenty classrooms were rebuilt, each with a blackboard and work benches. Additional facilities were also constructed, including an administration building, a cafeteria, a school yard with basketball court, a boundary wall with a security cabin at the gate, and bathroom facilities. A computer lab was also added, with 12 computers, tables and chairs, and arrangements were made for the provision of security and electricity. The school was completed in fall 2011, benefiting 1,100 schoolchildren.

In total, IRUSA donors assisted 3,750 people via the two projects.